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Noosa North Shore (Beach Horse Riding)Video Directions | PDF Directions (For Print Out)

You don’t need a four wheel drive, the road is bitumen all the way to the staging area!

Please don’t drive onto the beach.

My beach horse rides are staged from a site on the Noosa North Shore in the Cooloola Recreation Area…

Here is a Google Map link to that site…

Beach Horse Rides: Google Map Link 

Please keep reading . . . seriously!

Google maps exaggerates the actual travel time by around 20 – 25 minutes (although no one ever believes me).

For a better idea of travel time here is a Google Map link to the Moorindil St. Ferry Wharf: Google Map Link


  • To get to the North Shore you’ll need to take a car ferry across the Noosa River.
  • Usually I allow 10 minutes for the crossing, start to end.
  • The ferry costs $7 each way, it doesn’t have eftpos or a sense of humour.

After travelling along Maximillion Rd, then onto Beach Rd and finally onto the Esplanade, the entrance to the site is just over a kilometre from the first cutting turn off (6.5km from the ferry).

There is no sign on the side of the road that says “Horse Riding” as our permit conditions won’t allow it.

Look for a gravel road, on the right hand side, although it’s difficult to see as you are approaching, it is the only turn off on the right hand side after the first cutting and there is a red post at the entrance,

after turning there is a sign that says “Authorised Vehicles Only” (Just to confuse people). Please consider yourself authorised.

The Noosa North Shore campgrounds are about 300 metres further on, so if you go past (and you probably will), just keep going and do a U-turn through the car park in front of the campground, come back and take the very first left.

noosa horses directions

Any problems please don’t hesitate to call me on 0437 916 928