The Ultimate Beach Horse Ride – ‘The Laguna’

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An unforgettable, unmatched beach horse ride…

Each one of our beach rides is individual. Each day ‘The Laguna’ ride brings fresh and amazing new experiences for every rider, in every season. With that said, here’s a little about what you can expect…

We’ll be riding south to the Noosa river mouth taking in sweeping views of Noosa main beach and the national park. It’s not uncommon to see dolphins in Laguna Bay and Whales during winter.

There’s a huge variety of birdlife on the Noosa North Shore, among the favourites are the Brahminy kites, Sea eagles and Pied oystercatchers.

Close encounters…

Here’s a Whistling Kite that took a liking to my drone high above our beach ride.

laguna noosa kite

Heading back you’ll be looking up to Teewah Beach and the coloured sands. On a really clear day, you even see Double Island point!

Optimum beach horse ride times – good for all…

Leaving nothing to chance, we’ll always ride at optimum times for horses and humans. Horse welfare is a very high priority for us. Optimum times also mean your photos will look just like the brochure… wide-open sandy spaces, blue and white water and waves… mind-blowing views.

Riding horses in the water… (optional)

You’ve probably seen the images of us riding horses in the water. The reaction to those images, most of which are posted on our Instagram account, has been nothing short of overwhelming.

horse riding water noosa

These images are now being shared across the world daily to the point that we have influencers from all corners of the globe pretty regularly contacting us about our beach rides. The cool thing is, us regular guys have been doing this stuff for years! 🙂

Again, without bragging, the most common thing people tell us midway, or when they get back from our beach rides are: “This is the best thing I’ve ever done.” All I can say is, we’re very lucky we get to do this most days – and we’d love nothing more than for you to join us.

The Laguna Beach Rides depart daily at optimum times…

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