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Horse Welfare

We love our horses. That’s why we insist on only offering our rides at optimum times of day, month and season – always taking the prevailing conditions into account. This so you and your horse can truly enjoy the whole experience at whatever time of year you choose to go on your Noosa beach horse ride.

At home, we hand feed and water our horses. Nutritionally balanced feeds, clean stables, good rest and wide-open green paddocks are all on offer. Horse health and happiness is definitely a thing with us.

The Team

The Noosa Horses two-man team is made up of owner-operator Patrick Lloyd, and nationally acclaimed horseman Bob Strong. Patrick is a long-time Noosa local who has been involved in tour operating and riding horses on the beach at Noosa since the early eighties.

Apart from being a very experienced horseman and tour operator, Patrick really knows how to make a great time of a horse ride. He’s friendly, personable, and just knows how to lead people into a relaxed, truly special time – turning a horse ride into a horse riding adventure – and he loves to have a laugh too!

Bob’s list of credentials are as long as your arm and his reputation as a horseman and as a top bloke most definitely precede him. Bob, like Patrick, is also is a highly-experienced eco trekking guide with experience in the field dating back as far as 1996.

Over the past twenty years, Bobby has had the opportunity to train and work alongside some of the industries most respected equine professionals. He has trained both horses and riders to state and national levels in various disciplines. Bobby Strong Equine Education is based on his 100 acre training complex “Ridgeview” in the beautiful Wolvi hills north-west of Noosa. From here he conducts clinics, private lessons, and educates horses.

When you go on a beach ride with Noosa Horses, it will be with Patrick, or Patrick and Bob. That’s it. Experienced horseman with serious runs on the board in tour operating and horsemanship – and you’ll see and feel that.

The team is just another reason why those who go on beach rides with Patrick and Bob say things like “simply unmatched” and “The Noosa beach horse riding experience”.


Our custom saddles (with drink holders) and equipment are something we take pride in and are constantly adding to. We take regular care of our equipment and take pride in the way our horses look and feel.

Recently we purchased a new truck to transport our horses. This allows us to ensure our horses are even more comfortable while travelling, and are always ready to enjoy the beach and waves with you.

We’ve Got Your Photos Covered

Relax, enjoy and just take in the views because we photograph each ride and make all of the photos available online with a link that only you can see. We’ll also carry your camera or GoPro too.

Attitude, Consistency and Experience

We’ve built Noosa Horses as a lifestyle business. We think you’ll feel that when you come on a ride with us. We’re not so much about the numbers. We’re about the experience. What matters to us is the experience that our horses and we-all together have on our beach horse ride. As we stay consistent with our ethos, the numbers keep taking care of themselves – without us having to overwork our horses or ourselves.

We are family guys with wives and children. We understand you want to have a safe and fun ride and return home safely to your family, and have an experience you can cherish forever and tell your friends about.

It’s for all of the points above that people keep telling us that Noosa Horses is, simply unmatched.

The Laguna Beach Rides depart daily at optimum times.

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