Noosa Come Together

Noosa’s favourite charity festival, Noosa Come Together was on again last weekend. Noosa Come Together is about Noosa locals raising funds for sports programs for the disabled. Organised by Oz Bayldon and now in it’s 3rd year, this year’s festival was another huge success. Bob and I gave away a voucher for a beach ride […]

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Whistling Kite

Close Encounters

“Wow” was the number one response I got when I recently posted this photo on my Instagram account. And it’s exactly what I thought the first I time I took a look at the footage I was lucky enough to catch after my close encounter with this whistling kite. Although I’ve been flying a phantom […]

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noosa north shore ferry

Noosa North Shore Ferry (Video)

People are constantly asking me about the ferry to the Noosa North Shore, how long does it take to cross, how often does it go, is it okay to take my caravan/trailer across. I thought the best way to answer everyone’s question was a quick video. This footage has actually been on my YouTube channel […]

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canter noosa beach

Come For a Canter Down The Noosa North Shore (Video)

Quick warning, this video is long, like over 7 minutes long. I just wanted to give everyone a chance to peek over my shoulder while we go for canter down the beach, like all the way down the beach. I think it’s a great way to check out the Noosa North Shore, you’ll see us […]

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drone capture noosa horses

Caught by a Drone on The Noosa North Shore (Video)

Check out this drone footage of my ride yesterday. I’ve been following IflyNoosa on Youtube since I briefly stumbled into one of his videos just under a month ago. I just ran into a drone flying around the end of the North Shore, and then quite by chance found his Youtube channel. We’ve been looking out […]

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ride horse noosa

Horse Riding on the Beach in Noosa – A Magic Milestone

I grew up swimming and sailing in the Noosa River, hanging out and camping on the Southern tip of the North Shore. I later spent over 2 years on 2 separate occasions working on the North Shore, once with camels and next with horses. I’ve ridden every track and been up and down that beach […]

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More trail riding!

  This photo was a real buzz on instagram when I first posted it. Great early morning shot. Not only were the girls good company, but Phoebe likes working with Soul too.

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Awesome shot!

  I was lucky enough to have Satomi Ando out here the other day taking photos of the horses, dog, kids . . . Some awesome photos, I’ll try to get a few more up, probably on Instagram. Awesome shot.

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apache noosa horses

Champ and Apache

  Here’s a shot I snapped of Champ and Apache just chilling in the paddock.

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Lush Forest Trails

  After all the rain the forest is looking super lush and absolutely awesome. It’s always great to see the creeks and streams running as well. The weather is finally starting to cool off now, perfect time of the year for trail riding.  

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