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Fast ride with a horsey girl

  Horsey girls, they’re the ones that are trying to help you saddle up, they want the cheeky horse and there just isn’t enough time to talk about horses. On the same day as this ride a friend shared the post below on my facebook timeline, it was originally on the Provo Ponies facebook page. […]

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surf horses

Guide To Bringing Your Own Horse To The Noosa North Shore

I often get asked by horse owners about the in and outs of riding on the beach in Noosa. So here it is; You don’t need a permit unless you plan to drive your car on the beach and anyone can ride a horse on the beach on Noosa’s North Shore, so long as you […]

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Horse Riding in the forest

  Here’s a quick photo from a great ride the other day. Despite all the hot clear weather lately we got caught in a quick downpour not long after taking this photo. These girls were great fun and didn’t seem to mind at all. Although, I always say that horse riding is an all weather […]

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Morning beach ride

  Up early to catch the low tide for a awesome beach ride. Just making sure Phoebe was cool was cool with the surf. As usual, very little worries this horse. She wasn’t quite sure for a second or two and then she couldn’t have cared less. Spring on the other hand took a little […]

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Cute Couple

  Awesome weather at the moment for a trail ride. Here’s a great shot of Champ is soaking up the cool vibes from this happy couple. <3 <3 <3

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Kin Kin Horse Ride

The annual Kin Kin horse ride, I’d never been before but I’m certain I’ll be back there next year. It was a 25km ride from the Kin Kin show grounds up to the Tablelands look out in Cooran and back. The trail was awesome with some spectacular views and a few hills that were a […]

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A slightly different perspective ;-)

Awesome ride, great company and a huge thanks to Katja Anton for her amazing photos.

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Pink tutu pony riding!

Not really my choice for riding pants, but whatever floats your boat, especially on your 5th birthday.  

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Apache, this horse is awesome.

  I’d never seen a horse with a blue eye before buying this one, and when I first saw her, I asked the question that I now sometimes get asked . . . “Can she see ok?” Her eye is perfectly fine, and I wish I had’ve been one of the people who just fell […]

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A great way to see Noosa.

  Trail riding is not  only an amazing way to see Noosa, but to experience parts of Noosa that you would otherwise miss out on. Exploring the coast on horseback is one of my favourite things to do, and there are still oodles of trails I haven’t gotten to yet. Check out the noosa trail […]

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