Guide To Bringing Your Own Horse To The Noosa North Shore

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I often get asked by horse owners about the in and outs of riding on the beach in Noosa.

So here it is;

You don’t need a permit unless you plan to drive your car on the beach and anyone can ride a horse on the beach on Noosa’s North Shore, so long as you follow these guidelines which I copied from here

Horseriding is only permitted on the beach between the beach closure area at the mouth of the Noosa River to the northern end of Teewah township.

The beach access cuttings at Noosa North Shore are the only access points to the horseriding trail.

  • Horses are not permitted within the beach closure area at the mouth of the Noosa River.
  • Observe all signage.
  • On the beach, horses must stay in the intertidal zone—between the low and high tide mark.
  • Wrap or bag horse manure and remove it from the recreation area.
  • Horses must not exceed walking pace between the 1st and 3rd beach cuttings.
  • Horses can still access the Sunshine Coast Regional Council designated horse trail, but must not traverse the beach north of Teewah township or other walking tracks and firebreaks in the Cooloola Recreation Area, including the Cooloola Great Walk.


How To Get There

As google maps seems to struggle with the ferry, it’s best to set your GPS to the Moorindil St Wharf and take the car ferry across the North Shore.

The ferry costs $7 for your car and $7 for your float each way.

For more information about the ferry please take a look at my ferry post.

There is plenty of parking and a good turn around area suitable for a car and float at the first cutting and the second cutting.

Don’t forget to check the tide before you go, best to avoid the high if possible. While the heat can be more of a concern in summer, best to plan for a day where you can go either close to the low tide or at least after the high tide.

Here’s a link to the BOM site for Noosa tide times

Stabling on the North Shore

I don’t offer stabling on the North Shore, or anywhere else.

The Noosa North Shore Retreat has an amazing facility.

Best to contact them for details, but to the best of my knowledge, in order to use their facility,

You must be staying at the Noosa North Shore Retreat and have your own public liability insurance.

For more information about the Noosa North shore be sure to check out our Utimate Guide to The Noosa North Shore.

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  1. Thank you for this post! I have been looking for this information for ages, not wanting to head up there without horses in case we ended up stranded.

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