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noosa north shore ferry

Noosa North Shore Ferry (Video)

People are constantly asking me about the ferry to the Noosa North Shore, how long does it take to cross, how often does it go, is it okay to take my caravan/trailer across. I thought the best way to answer everyone’s question was with a quick video. This footage has actually been on my YouTube […]

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surf horses

Guide To Bringing Your Own Horse To The Noosa North Shore

  I often get asked by horse owners about the in and outs of riding on the beach in Noosa. So here it is; You don’t need a permit unless you plan to drive your car on the beach and anyone can ride a horse on the beach on Noosa’s North Shore, so long as […]

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joel on storm

Joel on Storm

The super famous Joel Bushby, also known as The Natural Transformer! He dropped out to get some weight training and diet tips from me 😉 .  We just couldn’t resist putting a hat on him and a horse under him.

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horse riding lessons

Lesson with Bob Strong

Great to have Bob Strong here giving Kate another awesome lesson. I was lucky enough to be able to fence sit this time. I want to make having Bob here a very regular thing on Thursdays. Let me know if you want to have a lesson with Bob, and riding one of my horses is always […]

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pony cart rides

Pony Cart Rides with Pepper

Pepper has been in the cart for a couple of months now and is really coming along well. It took him a little while to get his head around it, but all good now. The cart is a huge hit with all the kids, but I don’t think anyone enjoys quite as much as me […]

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afternoon horse ride

A Quick Afternoon Ride With Tasch, Sam and Savanna

A quick afternoon ride. Another favourite from our Instagram.

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magic and champ noosa horses

Magic and Champ

Magic and Champ eyeballing each other. One from Instagram.

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