Close Encounters

Whistling Kite
Close encounter with a whistling kite

“Wow” was the number one response I got when I recently posted this photo on my Instagram account.

And it’s exactly what I thought the first I time I took a look at the footage I was lucky enough to catch after my close encounter with this whistling kite.

Although I’ve been flying a phantom 4 for a while now, I thought the more compact mavic air would give me opportunity to get up in the air.

After a few flights at home I took it to the North Shore for a test run.

Just before a ride I put it up in the air and I just happened to be showing a customer what Noosa and the beach looked like from the air.

While explaining where we would be riding and pointing out Noosa Heads and national park, we were stunned to see bird appear on the screen.

I was sure I was about to lose my drone as I’ve heard quite a few stories about bird attacks.

I immediately spun the drone around to get out of there, but after taking a look at the footage you can clearly see the kite does the exact same thing.

He was just coming in for look.

I’m usually quite precious about only posting photos of horses on my social accounts, so I wasn’t quite sure about putting up the photo of the kite.

Social media certainly let me know what they thought. “Wow”.

Here’s the post on Instagram and Facebook.


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