Noosa North Shore – The Ultimate Guide

The Noosa North Shore is a gorgeous piece of the world directly across the Noosa River, but what makes it super special is the beach, possibly one of the most amazing beaches you’re ever likely to experience.

noosa north shore guide

Not only is it amazing, it just goes on and on and on, it’s around 60 kilometres from the Noosa spit to Double Island Point.

Of course, there are heaps to do on the beach…

  • Beach Horse Riding (🐴 of course)
  • Surfing 🏄 and Kitesurfing (shark dodging)
  • Beach Fishing 🎣 (comparing rod sizes and fish feeding 😝)
  • Beach driving (always best done in someone else’s 4WD 👍)
  • Camping (Slapping mozzies, eating sausages, sleep deprivation and nature spotting 🌾🐨)
  • Beach chilling (In my opinion, best with shade and attitude-enhancing beverages 🍹)

How To Get To The Noosa North Shore

To get to the North Shore, you have to cross over on the car ferry at the Moorindil St Wharf in Tewantin.

Here s a link to the ferry website and a video of the ferry ferrying below.

The Noosa River

The Noosa river defines the southern boundary of the North Shore, and Lake Cooroibah is the only lake in the Noosa River system that has its banks on the North Shore.

The best access to the Lake from the North Shore is just below The Noosa North Shore Retreat (which actually used to be called Lake Cooroibah Holiday Park).

There are several Lakes situated on along the northern reaches of the Noosa including LakeCooroibah and Lake Cootharaba. The river catchment is mostly covered by sand dunes and has two major tributaries which are Kin Kin Creek and Teewah Creek.

Some Noosa River History

Logging along the Noosa river began in 1864. Logs were transported via bullock wagon north to a sawmill near Maryborough until 1870. A sawmill was then built on Lake Cootharaba.

Richard Branson purchased Makepeace Island on the river in May 2003 after the Noosa Council scaled down his plans for a luxury resort on the river.

Several kilometres of beach to the north of the river mouth was once popular for four-wheel driving but in May 2007 the Sunshine Coast Regional Council placed restrictions on four wheel driving in that section of the beach.

noosa north shore retreat

Above is an aerial view of the Retreat (above) that I captured with the help of my drone. The retreat has a pub (only open on weekends and holidays), a shop, accommodation and a brilliant stable facility.

The other things you make like to look out for are:

Beach Road Holiday Homes

Beach Road Holiday Homes provide luxury accommodation in a natural setting.

Noosa North Shore Car Spa

Not your average car wash, serious water pressure for after beach driving.

Here’s a Google Maps link

Noosa North Shore Beach Camp Grounds

Noosa North Shore Campgrounds is one of three Noosa Council Campgrounds. You’ll enjoy absolute beachfront camping just south of the third cutting. You don’t need a four wheel drive to camp at the Noosa North Shore Campgrounds, however, many people do go to the North Shore to go four-wheel-driving on the beach.

📌 Note that there are some planned upgrades for 2018. You can keep updated here.

Lake Cooroibah

Not too far inland from the beach of the Noosa North Shore is beautiful Lake Cooroibah. “Cooroibah” is said to be Aboriginal for “place of Possums”.

lake cooroibah noosa north-shore

Makepeace Island

makepeace island noosa northshore

Four Wheel Driving on The Noosa North Shore


Here’s @overlanding‘s take on it…

“Wandering is the activity of the child, the passion of the genius; it is the discovery of the self, the discovery of the outside world, and the learning of how the self is both “at one with” and “separate from” the outside world. These discoveries are as fundamental to the soul as “learning to survive” is fundamental to the body. These discoveries are essential to realizing what it means to be human. To wander is to be alive.” – Roman Payne Our weekend’s wandering saw us up at Double Island Point catching waves, chilling in the lagoon and enjoying quality time together as a family. These are the moments I live for. Intentionally seeking to create memories – not from materialistic things, but rather from time in nature exploring with a sense of wonder 🌏🤙🏼 — #lifeofadventure #livethesearch #doubleislandpoint #qldparks #wildernessculture #naturewelove #outdoors #wanderlust #overland #exploretheworld #expeditionportal #toyota #hilux #thisisqueensland #visitnoosa #oceans #weekendvibes #neverstopexploring #simplelife #familytime #motovation #quotes #mondaymotivation

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Noosa North Shore Beach Access

Because the Noosa North Shore can only be accessed with a four-wheel drive vehicle, it comes as no surprise that one of the most popular things to do is… four wheel driving.

The beach can be accessed at either the First Cutting or the Third Cutting.

There are no vehicles allowed on the beach between the first and third cuttings, so the first cutting is for people wanting to access the south end of the beach toward Noosa, and the third cutting is for people heading north to Teewah and beyond.

The Second Cutting is a thing but there is only a car park here now and a walking track to the beach.

As you would expect the second cutting is between the first and third cuttings and perfect for anyone wanting to hang out on the beach without a four wheel drive.

The walking track drops you right in the middle of the no car zone on the beach.

third cutting noosa north shore

This Guide is a work in progress. If you have anything or know of something you think we should add to this guide, by all means, get in touch.