Horse Riding on the Beach in Noosa – A Magic Milestone

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I grew up swimming and sailing in the Noosa River, hanging out and camping on the Southern tip of the North Shore. I later spent over 2 years on 2 separate occasions working on the North Shore, once with camels and next with horses.

I’ve ridden every track and been up and down that beach over a 1000 times, literally. However, despite starting my own horse riding business around 18 months ago and taking people on trail rides through Ringtail State Forest, red tape had prevented me from operating my own beach horse riding tours.

I offer a niche, boutique horse riding service, I only take out a maximum of 2 people per ride. It’s the kind of ride I would like to go on. Great horses, great saddles and a guide with real local knowledge.

The demand is huge, I was getting phone calls and emails all the time, as well as current customers asking me if I could take them on the beach.

I had meetings with QPWS, spoke to people in the tourism industry and council. I was given all sorts of reasons why it just couldn’t be done and why I couldn’t have a permit.

Like how hard could it be, I’d conducted 1000s of rides on horses and camels on the North Shore, logistically there was no problem. Not only that, but my opposition was doing it everyday.

All I needed was the right person with a pen to say “yes”.

Well, I found that person, and just over a week ago, for the very first time I took a french backpacker for a beach horse ride on one of my horses, she’d been riding since she was a child, but had never had the opportunity to ride on the beach before. She told me it was a dream come true for her. It was the realisation of a dream for me too.

I love horses and I love Noosa, to be able to bring the 2 together in such a way has really been something. You keep telling yourself you’ll get it done, but until you actually do it’s just not the same.

Messing about with horses is my absolute favourite thing to do, they are the most amazing creatures, horse riding and the use of horses as pack animals dates back around 6000 years and who knows how many disciplines there are, all over the world people have different styles, saddles, breeds it’s just never ending. People are often surprised when I tell them I have regular lessons myself, like as if anyone could ever be finished learning about horses and especially the art of horse riding.

I personally take out every ride, answer every phone call and email, and now to be able to offer rides not only in the Noosa hinterland but also on the beach is just brilliant. It’s just great to be able to give people exactly what they want.

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