Trail Riding

Trail Rides

Trail riding is absolutely my favourite thing to do, poking around on horses with great company, mix it up with a canter and trot through an amazing back drop . . .  awesome !!!

On this ride, I’ll take you on a gorgeous Noosa nature tour, listen for the Whipbirds and spot some massive Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoos chewing pine cones. Remind me to grab a hand full Tea tree leaves, you’ll never forget how good they smell. My trail rides are completely personalised and aimed at people who have done a bit of riding, I don’t mix groups and never take out more than 2 riders at a time. It’s all about you, which means there’s plenty of time for photos or to just stop and check stuff out. All rides are guided by me and run 7 days a week.

Trail rides - Noosa

Intermediate & Advanced Riders

My trail rides are for intermediate and advanced riders. Offering a choice of rides through pine forests and native bushlands, with safe all-weather trails that provide plenty of opportunity for a trot and a canter.


If you have don’t have much experience with horses, I would suggest you come for at least one lesson. However, if you just have your heart set on going on a trail ride, or maybe you want to drag your friend along who has never been on a horse before, then yes, my horses are quiet enough to nurse you around the trail.  We’ll go nice and slow, keeping the ride at pace you can easily handle.

By Appointment

All of my rides are organised on a case by case basis and there are no set departure times.

Standard Time & Cost

My standard ride is 2 hours long and costs $95 per person.

Special Occasions

Giving someone an experience is always a great gift. If you have something a bit different in mind, or want to surprise someone, give me a call and we can work out something special just for you.

Still got questions?

For more information on our intermediate and advanced trail rides or anything you’re just not sure about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

3 thoughts on “Trail Riding

  1. Good Morning, I was wondering if you would take my whole family. There are 4 of us and all of us have ridden before. It is for my daughters birthday and she is horse crazy. She works on a horse farm and is 12. She rides weekly.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      I can take you all.
      When were you thinking about doing the ride?
      You can also book online if that is easier.

  2. Hi Patrick, hoping to book for a morning bush/trail ride for 2 people around the 13th of September.

    Have previously done the beach ride with you 2 years ago

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